Digital Production Specialist

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States


What We Do

Southtree, and our newest brand Legacybox, was founded on the conviction to restore -- to revalue what has been devalued. On the surface, we are about preserving outdated memories -- tapes, film, photos, and audio -- into digital keepsakes that are usable and safe for future generations. We are led by the desire to find simple, technology and design-driven ways to reconnect people with things that matter most, but are being lost or overlooked.


The Roles

Our team has continued to grow and we are ready to hire Production Specialists in both Shipping/Receiving and Digitization to help us deliver happiness to our favorite people, our customers.

Shipping and Receiving Roles and Responsibilities:

Video, Photo and Film Digitization Specialist Roles and Responsibilities:

Background and Experience

Characteristics and Traits



Position is full time, and the starting pay is $9.00 per hour. Pay is up to $12.50 per hour.

*Limited part time positions available, including day and night shifts.

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